Saturday, April 29, 2017

interview with Paul's Security Weekly

On 4/27/2017 I was interviewed by Paul Asadoorian and his co-hosts for his show, Paul's Security Weekly. Although​ he didn't remember it at the time, I worked with Paul briefly when I was with Tenable, and it was great talking with him again. I think I sound kind of derpy, but I always think that. 

Doing the show was great and I really have only one issue with the process. A lot of the people Paul has on his show are principals at their companies. I am not, and his show runners, who are great people but fairly inexperienced, didn't know how to handle that situation. Without telling me, they teased the show with my present company's name and logo plastered all over the place, which is a definite no-no for anyone who isn't an official company spokesperson. I was in class all week, so I wasn't checking my usual Internet spots; if I had been, I would have not only told them to change it BEFORE the show but I would have refused to mention my company at all (as it was, I believe I said nothing that wasn't okay to say). Unfortunately, the teaser material was up overnight, and by the time I could get it removed the next morning I was dealing with a minor shitstorm. 

The somewhat hilarious result of this is that the show runners, apparently feeling I couldn't just represent myself, picked the next company down in my LinkedIn profile to associate with me: Taylor and Francis. I do indeed have a continuing association with them, in that they publish the official CISSP journal, which I've written and peer-reviewed for, but I am not exactly "of" them as the show notes imply, nor did they come up in the conversation at all.

One of the things I'm inspired to do as a result of the show is to start blogging here again. I'd stopped when I moved back to the DC area for various reasons, but I think that it's really time I got back to it. So expect to see more in this space. 

Here's the show:

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